Miller Township

Population 954

Miller Township Office, 554 Limekiln Lane, Newport PA 17074

Telephone: 567-9730 FAX: 567-9730 Email:

Miller Township was the eighteenth township to be created in Perry County, erected by the State Legislature on March 11, 1852. Four distinct parallel ridges traverse Miller Township from east-northeast to west-southwest and determine the main features of its physical geography- Buffalo Hills, Limestone Ridge, Mahanoy Ridge, and Dick's Hill. No stream of any importance is found within its limits. The largest is Losh's Run, which drains its southern portion and of which one arm forms its dividing line from Wheatfield Township. The basin of this stream is bounded by Mahanoy Ridge and Limestone Ridge, and ends at Baileysburg (Hain, H. H., History of Perry County, 1922).

Miller Township Supervisors
Meetings - last Tuesday of every month, 6:00 PM
Daniel Howell, Chairman Larry Yohn Victoria Twigg
Trudy Fleisher, Secretary/Treasurer William Bunt, Solicitor Rettew Associates, Engineer

Jackie McNaughton, Tax Collector

Planning Commission
Meetings - 2nd Tuesday of every month, 7:00 PM
Richard Huss Linda Wertz, Secretary Richard Wertz, Chairman
Justin Turnbaugh Albert Foose

Jamie Steffen Tammy Troutman William Kute

Neil Imes, Sewage Enforcement Officer

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